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Dee McCullay

For those of you interested in our lovely area, and genealogy, in an effort to make things easier for you, the following list contains those who were alive in 1891, and those who had died in that decade. This is a  more complete version of the community in the decade preceding the turn of the century. Fishing and trading was a staple of life in those days, as well as the ability to come by train rather than steam boat. James Cowie (was in HBC service Red Rock Post from 1892 – 1900,) and his wife Alice have been inserted to the list. Some names will feature (inserted) as additions to the list.

James Cowie (inserted)
Lucy Alice Cowie (inserted)
Eric Leto
Henri Paterson
Peter Johnson
Kus Johnson
Anit Johnson
Kidy Lunde
Alese McGregor
Samuel Saxsmith
Henry Saxsmith
Thomas J Mabee
John Cameron
William George Robinson
Alexander Fraser
Mary Fraser
William Darcy
Mary Darcy
Esther Louisa Darcy
William Gordon Darcy
Iva Wesley Darcy
Violet Pearl Darcy
Duncan Strachan
James O’Neil
William Grant (Grante)
Infant Grante (inserted)
George Pallatt
John Ross
Samuel Carson
Ella Victoria Carson
Robert Samuel Carson
Estella Elizabeth Carson
Robert Nelson
Charlotte Edith Maude Nelson
William Hebert
John Archibald McDonald
Eleanor Catherine McDonald
Archibald Howard McDonald
Glenlyon Campbell McDonald
Clarence A McDonald (inserted)
Donald McDoanld
Christina Robb
John Michelson
Jane Michelson
Thomas Michelson
George Michelson
Annie Michelson
John Michelson
Juliet Michelson
Jane Michelson
Mary Ann Menitoshens
Frank Menitoshens
John Watt
Mary Ann Watt
Jane Watt
Robert Poulan
Julian Poulan
Mary Ann Waninet
William Thomas Richards
Mary Richards
Charles Thomas Richards
Rachel Mary Richards
William Ernest Richards
Edward John Richards
Norman Mathison (inserted)
Alexander Mathison (inserted)
George Gerard
Mary Gerard
William George Gerard
James Walker Gerard
Edward John Gerard
Mary Edith Gerard
Frederic Gerard
frank Gerard
Charles Henry Gerard
Frank Davis
Robert McLean
Robert Nelson
Edward Davis
James Alex Taylor
Mary Ann Taylor
William Alex Taylor
Mary Ellen Taylor
James Alex Taylor
Mary S Michelson
Kate Beatrice Vereker
Richard Baildham
William Caldwell (Coldwill)
James Carmichael
Joseph Fraser
Robert Ferguson
Jennie Ferguson
Clive Burns Ferguson
Donald Campbell Ferguson
Peter Ferguson
William Thrasher
Napoleon Beandoin
James Dickson Lynn
Minnie Hicks Lynn
Hermione Lynn
William Campbell Lynn
John Evan Edwards
Andrew Walker
Annie Walker
Annie Walker
Patrick Walker
Mary jane Walker
Henry Francis Walker
Mary Walker
Roderick M Smith (inserted)
Christy Smith (inserted)
James McIlwrith
Nellie McIlwrith
James McIlwrith
Herbert John McIlwrith
William McMaster McKirdy
Georgina Stewart McKirdy
William Stewart McKirdy
Fulton McKirdy
George Mulvery
Louis Gagnon
Gus Eklund
John Kaski
Mary Olson (inserted)
Eric Efram
Lousa Efram
Mary McAdam (inserted)
Wendila Andrew
Matti Pyttary
Alfred Forest
Hilda Kaakka
Gus Langila (Langilya)
Sofia Langila (Langilya)
Alexander Langila
Ida Langila
John Langila
Matt Lagila (Langilya)
Jakee Papinmaki
Michael Morrow
Reverend Robert Renison
Mary Elizabeth Renison
Robert John Renison
Julia Charlotte Renison
George Thomas Renison
Mary Nepigon Renison
John Hunt (inserted)
Kathleen Hunt (inserted)
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