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The multi-nominated Thunderstryker Films was established in 2010, and has independently produced TV shows, paranormal documentaries, short horror films, web videos, VFX Work, news, and tourism videos for municipalities in the region. Dee is also a screenwriter, narrator, storyboard artist, and VFX artist. Professional results, a quick turnover rate, and many satisfied customers, contact Dee today.

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Dee began delving into paranormal research in 1993, and more recently has produced the Thunder Bay Paranormal Society for SHAW TV and Dark History (Examining paranormal locations with morbid and tragic histories using SRC, EVP & Video). Dee has also Produced & Directed the viral hit Sasquatch on Lake Superior I & II.

Maymaygwayshi: Rock Medicine Man (Little People Documentary)

A deep exploration in to the mysterious Little People of Native legend in and around Lake Superior. (2019)

Northern Lights (A UFO Documentary)

Dee McCullay examines the various UFO incidents in the Thunder Bay region from historical accounts to conventional, with interviews and views from Native beliefs as well. (2018)

Sasquatch on Lake Superior II

Dee McCullay’s Sasquatch on Lake Superior II – Exploring accounts of Sasquatch along highway 17 on Lake Superior’s Northern shore. From historical, to evidential, to eye witness encounters; engaging, informative and entertaining; this documentary covers all aspects of the Bigfoot mystery in Northern Ontario Canada. Is Bigfoot Real…? (2018)

Sasquatch on Lake Superior (A Documentary)

The accounts of Sasquatch encounters and evidence witnessed in the Northwest Lake Superior region are given. (2017)


Destination Nipigon

The complete history of Nipigon, Ontario in collaboration with the Nipigon Historical Museum and the Township of Nipigon. (2019)




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