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The multi-nominated Thunderstryker Films was established in 2010, and has independently produced TV shows, paranormal documentaries, short horror films, web videos, VFX Work, news, and tourism videos for municipalities in the region. Dee is also a screenwriter, narrator, storyboard artist, and VFX artist. Professional results, a quick turnover rate, and many satisfied customers, contact Dee today.

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Dee began delving into paranormal research in 1993, and more recently has produced the Thunder Bay Paranormal Society for SHAW TV and Dark History (Examining paranormal locations with morbid and tragic histories using SRC, EVP & Video). Dee has also Produced & Directed the viral hit Sasquatch on Lake Superior I & II.

Sasquatch on Lake Superior II

Dee McCullay’s Sasquatch on Lake Superior II – Exploring accounts of Sasquatch along highway 17 on Lake Superior’s Northern shore. From historical, to evidential, to eye witness encounters; engaging, informative and entertaining; this documentary covers all aspects of the Bigfoot mystery in Northern Ontario Canada. Is Bigfoot Real…?

Sasquatch on Lake Superior (A Documentary)

The accounts of Sasquatch encounters and evidence witnessed in the Northwest Lake Superior region are given.


Dark History Episode 3 – The McKenzie Inn

Dark History investigates Thunder Bay’s Historic McKenzie Inn.

Dark History Episode 2 – The Mather Walls House

Dark History investigates the Historic Mather Walls House in Keewatin.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan Trailer

Lost in rural Texas, Evan and Alyssa just pulled into the wrong farm house. Directed & Produced by Dee McCullay – Dee McCullay – Carolyn Antaya – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2017 Thunderstryker Films Reject International

Scars (2016)

Scars (Movie) 2016 – Faith Beckett is about to learn there is no solution to sadness at the edge of a blade.

Border Patrol (2016)

In a remote outpost section of Z Bravo 45, Alvin and Ray guard “The Wall” from invasive species in their zone. Defending their border is their job, and they do it well.

Fallacious (2016)

It’s Halloween night, any town, any year. As the streets clear and the children go home to enjoy their candy, darkness falls over a sleepy little town. The door is opened to the wrong Trick or Treat-er, bent on murderous activity, where residents soon learn of the horrible crime.


Alpacalypse (2017)

The world is coming to an end, two men must battle to save the planet from the ALPACALYPSE.

Blood For Mother (2017)

Mercilessly and brutally murdered, Charlotte is on a revenge mission for the death of her mother and sister.


Terrace Bay, Ontario

A brief but detailed video on the history, tourism and life in the beautiful town of Terrace Bay.

Red Rock, Ontario

The beautiful Red Rock, Ontario is situated on the top of Lake Superior in the Nipigon Bay. A beautiful place to visit, featuring the historic Red Rock Inn, nice folks and many hiking spots. The town is also the site of the Norampac mill under deconstruction, and the Red Rock Folk Fest. Visit today!

Nipigon & Lake Helen

Picturesque & serene, Nipigon has been the tourist destination for a century. An experience to remember. And during your stay come see Lake Helen with it’s beautiful St. Sylvester’s Church, Chalet lodge & stunning landscape along the cliffs.






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